Jill Steenson

My name is Jill!  I am a mother, serial entrepreneur, and PNW enthusiast! 

My trajectory towards becoming a boudoir photographer started with modeling.  I was a full time traveling model throughout my twenties.  I had the opportunity to work all over the United States and abroad as a freelance model, mostly lingerie, fine art nudes, and some commercial work peppered in.  I then got hired to be the studio manager for a photography studio.  I scouted models and styled shoots.  Finally I opened my own studio, but got frustrated that I had to rely on photographers for content to market my studio.  So I picked up a camera for the first time.  Luckily I had a lot of friends willing to pose for me!  I ended up loving photography so much that it became my main passion and focus.  

About Me

What sets me apart

I know that photographers seem like a dime-a-dozen. You could throw a rock and hit somebody who wants to take your photo for freeeee!  

What sets me apart is my wide range of ability both behind the camera and assisting you while you are in front of the camera.  I don’t photograph for the “T&A” purposes.  I want you to fall in love with yourself.  I want you to see yourself through the female lens, the way your best girlfriend might see you.  Flawless and feminine, each detail something to be highlighted and appreciated.  I create fine art boudoir that tells a story of femininity and grace.